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Prescribed Burning & Conservation

Your Personal Gardener & Arborist offers a wide of array of Conservation services. Prescribed fire is the intentional application of fire to a specific pre-planned area, under specific environmental conditions, to accomplish planned land management objectives. Without the use of prescribed burning as a management tool, Wisconsin could lose many of its native grassland, wetland and savanna plant communities.

Fire is natural and necessary as a component of native prairies and oak savannas ecosystems in Wisconsin and Illinois. Prescribed fire is required for regeneration and growth of fire adapted species within these systems. Prescribed burning is an excellent tool used in restoring and maintaining rare plant and animal communities within Wisconsin and Sothern, Illinois.

Prescribed Fire vs. Wildfire

WI Department of Natural Resources defines the following for definition. “Prescribed burns differ greatly from wildfires in many ways. Prescribed burns are set intentionally after considering the safety of people and property, ideal weather conditions, wind direction and smoke management. Wildfires are uncontrolled and unplanned and often occur on days where weather and fuel conditions are primed for large fire development. They also have the potential to do great harm to people, structures and natural resources. While a prescribed burn occurs under conditions conducive for low to medium fire intensity (e.g. flames that will clear mid-story brush and open up a woodland area), wildfires can grow to an intensity level capable of completely burning an entire forest stand.”

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