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At Your Personal Gardener we wanted to give our clients a simple recipe for landscaping success. If you find yourself too busy to keep up with the maintenance of your residence or business, than this may be the solution for you. The reality is you may not be a landscaping expert, but you know the difference between a well-manicured landscape and one of constant disarray. If scheduled maintenance, reliability, and quality care are at the top of your list, then our maintenance programs provided by our well educated green industry experts is the right option for you. Simply put, these programs give you the peace of mind in knowing your landscape is in good hands without you having to oversee all the details.

Maintenance Your Way

Property Management Packages by Your Personal Gardener is our solution to help you quickly and easily select a weekly, biweekly, or monthly regiment for your property upkeep. Our packages range from basic mowing service to complete property management, allowing you to select a maintenance program that is tailored to your specific needs. See below for details.

Your Personal Gardener offers both Spring and Fall cleanups to help get your landscape prepared for the upcoming season. Your Personal Gardener offers these services to allow you to enjoy the changing of seasons without having to worry about pulling weeds and raking leaves. We offer a wide range of services to get your landscape looking great for the present day and ready for the growing season/dormant season. Spring and fall cleanups include:

Maintenance Packages

The Musky

Complete removal and installation of piers

Complete removal and installation of shore stations and accessories

The Kentucky Blue

Complete mowing service

The Sugar Maple

Complete mowing service

Fertilization package

Garden maintenance

Core aeration

The Spring Rains and Autumn Winds

Spring and fall cleanup

Garden bed leaf removal

Selective pruning and cut back,

Garden bed edging

Lawn aeration

Lawn leaf mulching

Put up/take down of all seasonal landscape accessories

The Red Granite

Complete mowing service

Fertilization package

The Wood Violet

Complete mowing service

Fertilization package

Garden maintenance

The White Oak

Complete mowing service

Fertilization package

Garden maintenance

Core aeration and over-seed

Perennial garden and ornamental tree fertilization

Soil analysis

The Honey Bee

Custom package

If you're like the Wisconsin state "Honey Bee" and like to bounce around too, but are not quite sure if any of the listed packages are right for you, feel free to contact us for a specific package tailored for your needs.

The Prairie Fire

Complete property maintenance

* Includes every package option listed

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