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Landscape Design

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Utilizing state-of-the-art 3D modeling software, Your Personal Gardener can supply you with full three-dimensional renderings of your landscape design. With these renderings, you are able to see exactly how your installation will look within your existing construction or already established landscape.

We'll Take Care of You

With your design, we will help walk you through every step needed throughout the building process and provide you with options that allow for a diverse landscape through a wide range of materials. We will assist you with all the permits needed for some of the complex building situations that can come from new constructions and waterfront properties. Do you ever wonder what that plant really looks like in person? We can meet with you for nursery walkthroughs, showing you firsthand what your plants will look like.

Design Consulation

The Details Matter

The details are our main concern; the landscape you deserve, is yours! We take pride in the smile we know you will have when our design is completed. Our end goal is to have your every wish come true! Through our design, build, and maintain firm we will create the personal, detail-orientated landscape that you deserve.

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