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Mosquito and Tick Control

Your Personal Gardener’s residential mosquito control services are designed to provide you with a mosquito free environment…guaranteed! YPG wants you to enjoy outdoor activities, dining and summer time fun without the nuisance and health risks of biting mosquitos. We can customize packages to meet the needs of every customer, whether it be for a big party, an outdoor wedding, or just to enjoy your outdoor living spaces on a regular basis!

Our insecticide products are safe and EPA approved. Along with eliminating the mosquitoes, it is effective in controlling a variety of other pests, including Ants, Japanese Beetles, Box Elder Bugs, Asian Beetles, Wasps, and more. We use the same insecticide to control all of these pests, and when spraying for mosquitoes, we spray some of the same areas that we would spray with our other services. For this reason, we can offer substantial discounts on some of our other services when we do them at the same time as the mosquito control.

The pricing for our Residential Mosquito Control is based on the total size of your lot plus also the amount of landscaping, (bushes, shrubs, etc.), that we need to spray. We will spray all of the grass in your yard, and also your bushes, shrubs, flower beds, and the lower branches of your trees. You can sign up for just one treatment, or you can sign up for our Season Long Protection Program with Your Personal Gardener!

We will inspect the event location and provide a free estimate / arrive prior to the event to eliminate mosquitos. You've put a lot of time, effort, and money into planning your event. Don’t let mosquitos ruin it!

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