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Firewood, Logs, and Mulch


Your Personal Gardener offers two types of firewood: 100% seasoned oak or premium mixed hardwoods. Our premium mix consists of only the finest and hottest burning BTU hardwoods: oak, hickory, ash, cherry, and locust. All of our split firewood is aged and seasoned, coming in lengths ranging from 16"-18" (Firewood can be moved to a specific location on your property and stacked for a small fee.).

There are three quantities to choose from:

Material Delivery

Spend more time on your project, not on the road, by taking advantage of Your Personal Gardener's delivery services. We can deliver your purchase from the nearest vendor or garden center to your driveway in a timely and economical fashion. The time, money, and extra labor spent renting a vehicle, borrowing a truck, loading and then unloading is time and money you could be spending on your project.

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